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Updating The Latest Efforts On Fixing

By KHN Editors

October 28th, 2013, 11:41 AM

KHN’s Mary Agnes Carey was on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Monday talking about efforts the federal government is making to fix the troubled website for purchasing health insurance. Watch the video below.

This is part of a regular Monday morning segment on Washington Journal. Tune in each week to stay informed about the latest developments in health policy.

3 Responses to “Updating The Latest Efforts On Fixing”

  1. Native Texan says:

    Gee, nobody’s talking about the fact that our government gave the contract of designing this website to a CANADIAN company – don’t we have any good AMERICAN companies that could have done the work? Oh yeah – we sure can’t talk about the fact that Michelle Obama went to college with the OWNER of that Canadian company, can we?

    Does anybody smell a rat??

  2. Dana Mehta says:

    There is graft and cronyism all through government but the overall result is not complete anarchy. Screw ups galore but not anarchy. To blame the choice of the Canadian company for this yet another royal screw up is overly simplistic. There are a multitude of problems. Just went through a similar fiasco with a system we couldn’t even log into. Ultimately the system was scrapped and a new one developed. is headed in the same direction.

  3. margie says:

    According to an article entitled, “Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population”, nearly 80 percent of Americans are covered by either employer provided health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Another 15 percent are uninsured. That leaves just 5 percent of Americans buy their individual health insurance on the open market. Those 5 percent of Americans should be mad as hell! Private insurance companies have been ripping them off for decades. They are seeing rate hikes because they are underinsured. They have been abused by rate increases, cancelations and other corrupt atrocities. With the Affordable Care Act, that all changes. Those 5 percent of Americans can enjoy going to the health exchanges for a very pleasant surprise. They will join the vast majority of Americans that enjoy health insurance that they will never lose for any reason. They will pay “group” rates. They will get “real” coverage. Why would any political party want to deny them the same benefits that most Americans enjoy?