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Updates: The Latest On The Health Law’s Insurance Exchanges

By KHN Editors

October 21st, 2013, 11:33 AM

KHN’s Jenny Gold was on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal Monday giving an update on the health law’s insurance exchanges and previewing President Obama’s comments Monday on the exchange’s rollout. Watch the video below.

This is part of a regular Monday morning segment on Washington Journal. Tune in each week to stay informed about the latest developments in health policy.

10 Responses to “Updates: The Latest On The Health Law’s Insurance Exchanges”

  1. Greg says:

    Pro-Obamacare? Anti-Obamacare? Could the American people, regardless of political affiliation, be more focused on the rollout of the health exchanges? Opponents say the rollout has been a disaster. Proponents say all new health related laws usually have startup glitches and they point to the less than perfect rollouts of Medicare, Medicaid and Medicare Part D. Regardless of the rhetoric, the focus on the health exchanges over the last three weeks has been absolutely great advertising for the need to be insured no matter you age or medical history. Having health insurance is peace of mind for those that were rejected by insurers in the past. Most Internet users view the “glitches” of the past three weeks, not as a reason to quit trying, but a reason to keep trying. Whenever I find myself having a difficult time with a web site, I usually don’t give up. I’ll come back again and again until I’m successful. For me, it becomes a challenge, not a frustration. I think that’s true with most Internet savvy people. If I didn’t know better, I’d say these “glitches” are just another reverse psychology strategy by the Obama team. Another way to get free advertising and peak the interest of the American people. Smart! Just like he ran his campaign! Both of them!

  2. Ray says:

    Greg, you’re literally insane.

    Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. All of us sane people tried to use it, it didn’t work, so we assume it doesn’t work and went on with our lives. Very few people see refreshing a page to “see if it works this time” to be a challenge, we consider it a frustration and a practice in futility.

    I’m a web programmer/developer, as a very web-savvy person, I can tell you this as a fact: If it doesn’t work, it won’t work until it’s fixed. Trying it over and over wont solve it. Waiting won’t solve it. Fixing the programming issues will. Until they announce they fixed it, assume it’s not fixed.

    The advertising of “It works great! Come sign up today! You can’t get denied! Subsidies are available to help you pay! You have to or you’ll get fined!” would work much better than “It doesn’t work, try again later and hope it works.”

  3. Susan says:

    That’s funny, it must be fixed! After visiting the health exchange several times without much success since October 1st, now I can get in and do whatever I want flawlessly. Unlike what some “experts” say, I didn’t hear any announcement that things were fixed, did you? All of a sudden, it’s fixed! At least it is for me. I can shop for a multitude of plans, I can compare prices and I can enroll. Gee, I guess Greg isn’t insane after all, huh? Thanks for the advice Greg. Like you, I keep trying. Maybe we should have more practical people like Greg and less self-described experts.

  4. ken says:

    Susan and Greg are right. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. My experience is much the same. I didn’t hear any announcements, I just kept trying. Why? Because I need health insurance! Anyone who has been denied coverage because of a past illness knows how desperate it feels to not have insurance. There’s no way I’m not trying, no matter how broken things are. Guess what…

    I made it!

    I’m in!

    I shopped for a great plan at a great price and I locked it in!

    So, for those that think all hope is lost…

    There’s hope! I’m the proof!

  5. Ray says:

    I promise you, the smart people are staying out for a month or two until they fix the issues. As long as we do the process by Dec. 15, we’ll get our plans the exact same second you do, without the hassle, with a whole lot less time spent.

    Just because you can do it the hard way, doesn’t mean the rest of us should avoid the easy way. I can dig a hole with a spoon, but I’d much rather use a shovel.

    You can be the guinea pigs, we’ll wait for a finished product.

  6. Tom says:

    Yes Ken, I locked my plan in yesterday. I tried about 10 days ago and it was difficult. I made up my mind to try again and that was yesterday. The experience was great! Lots of choices and all different price ranges to suit any budget. I was very happy with the value I received. A lot more coverage at the same monthly premium as my old plan. My advice is to keep trying until you succeed. It’s worth every minute! There’s nothing like the peace of mind of knowing you have comprehensive coverage to cover almost every medical problem. I can’t understand why anyone would be against people buying health insurance on the health exchange. Why would a politician tell his constituents that it’s patriotic to refuse Obamacare insurance?

  7. Mandy says:


    Just curious…

    Is it possible that the real problem is with your computer?

  8. jerome ennis says:

    Why in the hell does anybody find this story SURPRISING?????? This was a big part of the plan to begin with. Obama Care is a Boon Doggle for Big Insurance, and Off Shoot of Big Banks. The insurance companies get to DUMP their customers who have serious health problems, which means this costs the Insurance Company Money, and push them on to the Exchanges where Government Subsidies come in. In the meantime, healthy Americans who do not use much health care, therefore not costing the insurance companies a lot of money, get to keep their policies but with Higher Rates for the Same Coverage in order to pay for the Pre-Existing Condition Customers and for those on the Welfare Roles Who Pay ZERO Dollars or Cents for anything. This whole Obama Care Scheme is but One More Examply of Crony Capitalism/Socialist Model. The Quasi Capitalist Companies such as Big Blue, and others get to Make Excessive Profits by keeping the Cream of the Crop of their Individual Payers, while dumping the ones who need health care insurance the most. The Big Companies hand their Risks of Capital Loss onto the backs of the American Taxpayers. The same thing is true of Big Banks in bed with government. The same is true of the Auto Industry. GM and Chrysler government Partnership comes to mind. The same goes for why Big Business Demands that we have NO Border Security or Illegal Invader Laws being enforced. Big Business gets a large crew of Unskilled Cheap Labor without having to provide health insurance, workman’s comp, Social Security contributions, Vacation Leave, Sick Leave, etc. while passing off all these Costs to The Tax Payers who have to pick up the Tabs for the Illegal Invaders who use up our Health Care Resources, Our Welfare Resources, Our Subsidized Housing Resources, Food Stamp Resources, etc. This why Crony Capitalist Socialism does not work. It is corrupt and it cripples the nation and the workers and tax payers, while enriching the Super Rich owners of Multi-National Corporations and the Corrupt Politicians who have Put This System and Place and Continue to Perpetuate and Expand this Criminal and Subversive Venture. Also the Illegal Invader Population Lowers the Standards of Living for All Americans and also Lowers the Wages for the tens of millions of unskilled American Workers. If we had any Honest Politicians and an Honest Media, these are the things being pointed out to the masses, and then you would not have such a Willingness of Americans to continue to tolerate this Corrupt and Subversive Bastardization of our Constitutional Republican Form of Government that is Supposed to Place Individual Liberties above all other Concerns. We are an Upside Down Nation at this time. It is time to Right The Course if we are to survive very much longer as free and sovereign people living in a free and sovereign nation. Corruption, Perversion and Subversion is at All Time High.

  9. steve says:

    Hey Jerome,

    Did you see this cartoon yet…

    Does the shoe fit?

  10. margie says:


    I’m the person with the pre-existing condition. I signed up for Obamacare insurance last week without any problem whatsoever. Folks like me with a pre-existing condition have always been treated like lepers. Then, Obamacare came along. Now, with Obamacare, lepers can get health insurance just like healthy people. We don’t need to die to get any relief. President Obama has something that Republicans never had and never will…COMPASSION FOR SICK PEOPLE WITH NO CHOICES EXCEPT TO DIE!