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N.Y. Exchange Says 40,000 Have Applied For Coverage

By Phil Galewitz

October 9th, 2013, 5:43 AM

New York’s online insurance exchange on Tuesday said more than 40,000 people have completed applications for coverage so far, though not all have chosen a health plan.

Officials from the exchange, called NY State of Health, said these applicants were found eligible to buy a health plan.

Nationally, nearly 80,000 people have applied for coverage in the state exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act, according to a Kaiser Health News tally of ten states that have disclosed numbers of applications submitted. Several state exchanges are not yet releasing figures, nor  is the federal government which is doing enrollment for 36 states.

“This fast pace of sign-ups shows that New York State’s exchange is working smoothly with an overwhelming response from New Yorkers eager to get access to low cost health insurance,” said Donna Frescatore, executive director of NY State of Health said. “We will continue to encourage our state’s residents to sign up for health insurance online, over the phone and at the hundreds of on-site centers we have across New York.”

The exchange said its customer service center operators have provided assistance to more than 26,000 callers.

Open enrollment runs through March 31, 2014, but shoppers must complete applications by Dec. 15 for coverage to start in January.

3 Responses to “N.Y. Exchange Says 40,000 Have Applied For Coverage”

  1. William Nicholas says:

    You mentioned in your article 40,000 have applied for coverage. Do you mean that 40,000 had set up an account. Because you have to set up an account to even look at plans and rates. Or do you mean they actually selected a plan and enrolled?


  2. David G says:

    Great point! To set up an account is totally different from buying a plan … how many have actually purchased (purchased is the operative) coverage through the exchange and is it running at the expected based on enrollment to date?

    Thanks for sharing information.

  3. Ellis B. says:

    For William and David … sharp eyes and ears guys. Until a plan is selected there is no application. This claim is total B. S.