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AMA Offers $10 Million To Fund Med School Innovations

By Mary Agnes Carey

January 21st, 2013, 10:25 AM

Memo to medical schools: If you have new ideas on how to train doctors, the American Medical Association may have some cash for you.

The AMA says it will provide $10 million over the next five years to fund eight to 12 “bold, innovative projects.”

“Rapid changes in health care require a transformation in the way we train future physicians,” AMA President Jeremy A. Lazarus said in a statement. “The AMA is deeply committed to redesigning undergraduate medical education to prepare the medical students of today for the health care of tomorrow.”

Among its criteria, the AMA says it is looking for proposals that create “more flexible, individualized learning plans,” or that promote “exemplary methods to achieve patient safety, performance improvement and patient-centered team based care.”

Applicants have until Feb. 15 to submit their ideas. Finalists will submit their full proposals by May 15 and winners will be announced at the AMA’s annual meeting in June.

2 Responses to “AMA Offers $10 Million To Fund Med School Innovations”

  1. One of the most severe revenue recovery impediments to physicians and their success as a financial enterprise is the deficiencies that lead to non-payment of claims filed for services rendered. In most cases, this is a direct result of poor documentation or methodology utilized. This comes as a direct result of the type of instruction the student physician is given and the format that this teaching establishes. With the impending ICD-10 implementation, this documentation requirement for greater detail and format/protocol correctness will become critically important or severe revenue losses will occur, potentially eliminating what could otherwise have been a successful practice.
    I would suggest that a program be developed by a seasoned biller/coder with experience seeing and dealing with these deficiencies, and that the program instill in the trainee physicians the format for successful document creation compliant with the needs of CPT/ICD-10 code requirements and familiarize them with scrubber and other editing softwares that require the format to be in correct form prior to submission to payors (and the background rationale for why the format is what it is).
    Doctors’ notes cause more revenue loss than any other single item.
    Thank you for considering this suggestion.
    Randy M. Snyder

  2. laura brooks says:

    My son, Steven Brooks, MD created a system at Texas Tech
    Two years ago to speed H & Ps. This impacted billing, physician referrals,
    All charted escalated, billing cycle escalated and patient significantly improved.
    He is at Vanderbilt this year, going back to Lubbock.
    I’m he would happy to share his story.
    Laura Brooks
    805805 558 3789