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Missouri Governor Backs Medicaid Expansion

By Elana Gordon, KCUR

November 29th, 2012, 3:12 PM

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon wants the state to expand its Medicaid program, marking the strongest stance the Democratic governor has taken to date on the state’s pending decision.

Nixon previously said he was evaluating the issue to see what’s best for Missouri.

Speaking to a packed crowd of hospital and clinic leaders in Kansas City on Thursday, Nixon said an expansion is the right thing to do and that it makes fiscal sense. The federal government would fully subsidize an expansion during the first three years, he emphasized, with the state kicking in about 10 percent of the cost in 2020.

It’s the smart thing to do, because if we take a pass on billions of health care dollars — dollars I should note which come out of Missourians’ paychecks when they pay their [federal] taxes — the money will go to other states,” Nixon said. “They’ll get the benefit. We’ll get the bill. That’s not smart.”

A report out yesterday by the Missouri Hospital Association projects Missouri would get about $8 billion dollars in federal funds during the first six years of an expansion. The state would spend an additional $300 million from its general revenue budget.

Moving forward with an expansion won’t be easy. State lawmakers have long opposed it, whether that be because of the unpopularity of the entire health law in the state, or because of worries over expanding an already large state health program.

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One Response to “Missouri Governor Backs Medicaid Expansion”

  1. Paul says:

    In 2010, the voters in many states were duped into thinking that electing tea party governors was a smart idea. These Neanderthal governors had one motive in mind. To pad the wallets of the wealthy at the expense of cutting public jobs and workers wages and benefits. It only took two years for remorseful voters to see the error they made. The 2012 election proved that! Fact is, reasonable governors, the governors that can actually think in a coherent fashion and not be fooled by the tea party rhetoric, will support the Medicaid Expansion because it is the only logical thing to do. Tea party governors hate the Medicaid Expansion for one simple reason. It’s an Obamacare provision and they hate that a black man is getting credit for it.