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Breaking Down The Debate, Word-By-Word

By KHN Editors

October 4th, 2012, 10:29 AM

President Barack Obama and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney had plenty to say about health care in the first debate in Denver Wednesday night.

Here are they words they chose — with the most-frequently used words shown larger — during the discussions about health policy issues during the debate.

Obama words:

Romney’s words:

3 Responses to “Breaking Down The Debate, Word-By-Word”

  1. Gina Intheburg says:

    These word cloud things are completely meaningless babble -going by nothing but your above posting, you would think Mitt Romney is the most concerned about people and Barack Obama the least when the reverse is actually demonstrably true.

    It takes a whole sentence to communicate an idea. Individual words alone mean nothing out of context. Word clouds are not context. The context for Obama’s words are his defense of the healthcare programs he has put in place to protect the American people. The context for Romney’s words is the fact that he wants to destroy those protections, increase the burden on individual people, and seeks to disguise greater exposure to harm, increased personal cost and less coverage as an alleged greater freedom of choice. The greatest beneficiaries of Obama’s policies and proposals are the people. The greatest beneficiaries of Romney’s plans and proposals are insurance companies.

    Those are the facts.

  2. samson p. says:

    The pundits say Romney won the first debate. Huh? If the contest was about lying, then I agree, Romney won. He told the most lies! While on stage in the debate, Romney denounced his own economic plan to keep the Bush Tax Cuts in place and to still lower federal taxes by 20 percent. By distancing himself from the economic plan he’s been proposing for a year, Romney made $6 trillion dollars disappear into thin air right before our very eyes! No wonder Obama looked shell-shocked! How in the world can you hit a moving target like Romney. He changes his mind like he changes his undershorts. Fact is, Romney wants to keep the Bush Tax Cuts, Romney wants $2 trillion more for Defense spending and Romney wants to lower federal taxes by 20 percent for everyone. He’s been saying that for at least 18 months and he decided to change his mind last night. Those are the facts! The trouble is, if he says it’s all paid for, how does he do it? He and Ryan refuse to tell us. They refuse to give any details. They are liars!

  3. oncdoc says:

    Obama explained so well how the $700B came from “overpayment to providers” and not from seniors. It should be clear by now that this is already having a significant negative impact on care provided in the average hospital, particularly in rural areas