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Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless Of Law

By Jay Hancock

April 6th, 2012, 6:27 AM

Health-care employment will continue to grow much faster than employment generally, with the number of jobs in home care and other ambulatory settings projected to jump more than 40 percent by 2020, a new study suggests.

New figures from the Labor Department highlight an expected hiring shift away from hospitals, as the system puts greater emphasis on preventive care and reduced admissions, said Jean Moore, director of the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the State University of New York at Albany. The center produced employment forecasts based on the government’s latest projections for occupational and industry growth.

“For a long time, acute-care services tended to trump everything else, and that seems to be changing,” Moore said. “There’s a growing awareness that it’s penny-wise and pound-foolish not to pay attention to preventive and primary care.”

Hospitals are still expected to add jobs — nearly a million between 2010 and 2020, for a growth rate of 17 percent — as baby boomers age and require more inpatient care.

But offices of doctors and other health-care professionals are projected to hire 1.4 million people by 2020, a 36 percent increase. The number of home health care jobs will jump by 872,000, or 81 percent. The total number of jobs related to ambulatory care will grow by 2.7 million between 2010 and 2020, or 44 percent, the report said.  Many of the jobs will be created in low-pay occupations, such as home health aides and personal care aides.

The broader message is that health-care is still projected to be a growth industry, perhaps no matter what happens to the overall economy or  the 2010 Affordable Care Act.

“One of the things I wasn’t expecting was how much growth there was even during the recession,” Moore said. “I would have expected some tempering of the growth.”

Even as total U.S. employment fell by 2 percent from 2000 to 2010, health-care employment increased by a fourth — demonstrating the sector’s increasing share of the economy, the paper said.

By 2020, almost one out of nine American jobs will be in health care, the study projects. Counting 4 million newly created health jobs and people retiring from existing ones, more than 7 million new workers will be needed, including more than 1 million nurses, it said.

The report shows a reduction in adminstrative health-care jobs during the economic slump from 2008 to 2010 even as providers added nursing and other clinical positions. Recent reports suggest, however, that hospitals are beefing up the hiring of administrative staff to deal with the greater regulation required by the health law.

“They may be rehiring the people they may have had to let go when times were tight,” Moore said.

10 Responses to “Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless Of Law”

  1. Sam says:

    Sadly, this hiring boom in the health care industry will all come to an abrupt end if the Supreme Court rules against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in June 2012. Republicans do not want the ACA to succeed and create jobs and growth for fear that President Obama may get re-elected to a second term. They would rather that Americans remain jobless and hurting than to see the recovery continue. Republican politicians are more concerned with keeping their jobs in the Congress than they are in seeing Americans find employment. This is not the Republican Party of the Reagan era. This is a very different GOP. Today we have a Republican Party of right-wing extremists that are “only” intent on obstruction and partisan politics. Their only focus is to win a political game. Just ask Senator Mitch McConnell, the Leader of Republicans in the Senate. His only focus is to make Obama a one-term President. He has no other agenda.

  2. Greg says:

    Did you not read the title? Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless Of Law. It is understood the health care law will only hurt job creation and the industry. The entire article is about how it is notable that healthcare will continue to grow in the midst of bureaucratic regulation, not because of it.

  3. Dennis Gerber says:

    Sam sadly is grossly misinformed as the rest of his friends that seak to catagorize “Republicans” into one simple easy to handle justification for the left’s feable brain”. Obama stripped $500 BILLION from medicare – not the Repbulicans. Obama has loaded the Accountable Care Act with unbelievable tax problems – that again the Republicans had nothing to do with. It is easy to thorw rocks when you are ill-equiped to have a discussion above a fifth grad level. You will have plenty of time to catch up on your studies after the next election however, when America speaks and throws out the corrupter (a Prsident that out and out lies in prime time TV) and his socialist cronnies

  4. Juniper says:

    Actually I have been working in the medical field for 5yrs and while I started out with full time, I have yet to land a full time job since 2008. I now work part time, two days a week
    (12hr shifts) @ 13.67 an hr. I work for a major hospital (the biggest in my city) and am certified with ward clerk experience. I’ve been informed recently that my job will no longer be here for me come October. I have sent over 200 applications out since 2010 with 5 interviews total each one emailing me at a later day stating they have hired someone with more experince then me. Honestly that’s pretty sad if you ask me. It doesn’t matter what they say, the healthcare industry is not and has not been booming.

    As far as the political influence on our unemployment issues, if Obama wasn’t seen as some threat to who ever is in office or will be in office then we would already have hundreds of jobs recently created by his “job act” that was not passed. More and more young homeless people stand in my four corners of my neighborhood intersection everyday. Sign reads, “Recently laid off with 2 kids, lost appartment, live in car- please help”. My heart goes out to those people not those like me who only wish we could get a full time job. Wake up America!!!

  5. Paula says:

    Dennis, I can’t find anything truthful in your post! Nothing! Not one point can be fact-checked! That “Obama stripped $500 BILLION from medicare” comment is completely false. Those that see a loss of $500 billion will be the private (third party) insurers. There will be absolutely no cuts in Medicare benefits. None! In fact, Medicare patients will enjoy better cost savings in the future because that $500 billion gets re-deployed away from the (third party) Medicare Advantage plans that private insurers are grossly abusing by skimming huge profits and it will go directly into Medicare over the next decade. In my opinion, I think Sam makes some good comments. If anyone is to be criticized here, let’s begin with your false and outrageous statements. If you ask me, your post is the same old political partisan rhetoric we’ve been enduring since your beloved Bush/Cheney team left office in shame.

  6. Sam says:

    Hey Greg, if Neanderthal Republicans like you get their way with regard to repealing health care reform, we go back to square one! It’s back to the status quo of stone age health care delivery. It’s back to women paying more than men for their health care insurance. It’s back to kids getting kicked off their parents policy after they graduate from high school. It’s back to our seniors paying full price for their prescription drugs while in the donut hole. It’s back to paying through the nose for preventive services for our seniors. It’s back to private insurers canceling your health care policy just because you got sick. It’s back to private insurers ignoring you if you had cancer in the past or maybe you had a baby in the past. Did you know having babies is a pre-existing condition? Did you know that being a woman is a pre-existing condition. Shall I continue? By the way Dennis, maybe you should take a spelling course?

  7. Charlie says:

    All in all I hope this economy fails and never returns as it would leave us all no where else to go but towards a resource based economy- Something that was created before the 1970′s and yet we still live like caveman slaves. We preach about freedom and equality but there is none of that here. We have the very-very rich and the very-very poor and that gap is becoming more and more defined. Visit and be amazed by what we’re missing.

  8. Sam says:

    The 1970s? Hey Charlie, I don’t ever remember a time when the wealthy few didn’t play the music and the poor masses didn’t dance. However, the wealth divide today has never been worse. It’s even worse than before the crash of 1929. Do you remember what happened in the American colonies in 1776? Do you remember what happened in France in 1789? Do you remember what happened in Russia in 1917? Those ugly and bloody events, just to name a few, were a result of poor repressed people living under wealthy oligarchies and finally reaching a breaking point. Like it or not, America today is ruled by a 1 percent oligarchy. Just 1 percent of the population holds almost all of the wealth. These 1 percent also own the U.S. Congress. When the 99 percent have had enough, things will change. We are seeing small signs of it already. Today’s Occupy marches are relatively small and peaceful at the moment. It started out like that in the colonies before 1776. The Occupy movement before 1776 was very small and relatively quiet. Before 1776, most American colonists were loyal to the Crown of England. It was only the very few who were radicals back then. Who knows? Things change. Things always change.

  9. Journe says:

    America has been going towards a Rich/elite and a poor class for many years. But Pres.Obama and Company has made a 100% far left change that we may never be able to change without a New President 2012 and one that has Courage of Leadership back to our Constitution and Bill of Rights and a President with the Guts to not be bought but to lead Americans back to self sufficiency, back to a healthy middle class. Americans were never of the desire to be a Communist Nation and yet that seems to be where we are headed with a majority being “fooled” by the lies and smiles and propaganda that we are being fed. Healthcare Insurance companies are raising rates 30% over last two years and more is coming of 20% and who are the idiots that think this is great????
    Read your history of Russia, Germanys past. Read how the masses of people thru great vulnerability were led to believe their “leaders in Gov’t.”. Our privacy is gone and invaded more each day and our rights to private property, rights to own business, is gone with more and more Gov’t. Regulations and interference. Read about the horrid educational system going on in each state and how people/gov’t. has gone so left, so Socialist, that our kids are demoralized, uneducated and that is what Gov’t. wants.
    MY healthcare has got worse and worse in 2 years and I KNOW that will continue.
    Only good thing is turning to vitamins and supplements, as medicine is terrible in US now. NO, I have NO Faith as to what is really happening and my only Faith is a true, honest, great Revolution of solid Americans that want their Constitution back. Everything else is lies being given to us with a speech of smiles and lies and GREED.

  10. This discussion seems off base to me. As a consultant to surgical practices, I can tell you that the jobs are there–the talent isn’t. Applicants computer skills are woefully deficient in an EMR/EHr era. Keying speeds are pathetic–knowledge of Microsoft Word is basic, at best. A healthcare IT start up in the Bay Area has jobs–good jobs–no applicants responding. I know, because I am an investor. I am speaking about business and administrative jobs. Regardless of the bill, practices are automating. Practices are consolidating making bigger investments in efficiency–Mom and Pop practices are over and done.

    There is a lack of appropriate training and in some cases appropriate dress, speech and behavior among the applicants at all levels for the available positions in healthcare.